After two weeks in Hong Kong, my neck was just plain sore. There was so much looking up, down, and all around. It was mostly due to the fantastically tall residential buildings, but also because I swore a small fairy or mythical creature would appear at any moment; Hong Kong is just magical. 

Like me, if you know pretty much nothing about Hong Kong (besides the fact that it's in China, kind of, right?) here are a few things about this tropical concrete jungle that I found most interesting. Thanks to USA TODAY, GovHK, and WeekendNotes.com for these factual gems. 

  • Ruled by Britain for over 150 years. 
  • Less than 20% of the land is developed
  • 40% of HK is country parks or nature reserves
  • Made up of more than 200 islands
  • There is a HK Disneyland
  • Has the most skyscrapers in the world ( almost double to NYC )
  • The most expensive place in the world to buy a home

That's all I got, enjoy the magic that is Hong Kong. 

Tsing Ma Bridge


Lantau Island: South country park


Dragon's Back: Shek o Country park


amah rock: Lion rock Country Park 


Ma wan tung wan beach