Don't Be So Scared | #SuperDuperTipTuesday

Don't Be So Scared | EDITION 2

I’m not going to lie.

When I had the idea of lighting the shot this way, I got a hair nervous.


The helicopter was a surprise to everyone except for the father, the mother and me. It was completely dark when it took off, I had three speed lights with me and not much time for anything to go wrong. Oh did I mention I was shooting by myself? I could have gone for easier lighting, but I went for it.

You may not necessarily have a fleeting bridal moment with a helicopter to shoot, but often people get scared to be "a photographer”. Don’t be scared to try things but rather be confident in trying. Stop where you need to, crouch down, set up the lights, stand on that ledge, ask the stranger. Don’t be afraid to get that shot. Do it, even though you may look a little funny and people may think your a little crazy.

The best shots are those that endure the “what are you doing?!” comments.