Toronto couple session: Graffiti Alley

One year ago this week, I was sitting in a Starbucks in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada (technically Toronto now, but let's be real - it will always be Scarbs and it's various nicknames) editing some wedding photos from a shoot in South Carolina where I had spend the better part of the previous five years. Before I knew it, the guy beside me was asking if I was free that weekend for a photoshoot with his girlfriend (photos below).

I had just moved home to Toronto from the living in the US where I did my schooling, and the start of my photography career. Let's just say it hasn't really stopped since then, hence why your are getting a 1-year-photo-session-anniversary-post. There may be more to come, like definitely more to come. Now that life at the home base has settled in a bit i'll be showing you some of my work over the last year (intermingled with current work of course). 

You've been duly warned.