Long Live Left Knee Patches | #SuperDuperTipTuesday

Long Live Left Knee Patches | Edition 4 

I found myself trying on ten different pairs of pants last week at a Topshop in Ireland before for my flight to Amanda & Marcus’ wedding in London. I go through “shooting clothes” pretty quickly. If you have ever experienced a shoot with me, you will know I get pretty serious about my angles. If a composition doesn’t look right, the first thing I do is move. Up, down, closer, further, side to side. Since that is the case, I’ve had many a pair of pants with a worn out dusty left knee.

You can always find a better angle than where you started. It’s amazing how much the quality of a composition will improve by simply shifting your perspective a few feet. In the case of the photo above, I had the bright idea of kneeling down at the bottom of the stairs to a busy Parisian Metro exit. I am now, however, more acquainted with broad spectrum of french expletives. So move around this week. Get down on the ground. Stand on a bench. Lean off that cliff. I’m just kidding about the cliff. But seriously.