Slow Down and Learn | #SuperDuperTipTuesday

Slow Down and Learn | Edition 3

Tom (pictured) is 90 years old and started one of the first full service photography shops in Newcastle, Northern Ireland. He is my first cousin once removed, I’m pretty sure. Whenever you think you have made it in photography, or life in general, just look around Instagram for a while and you will soon find someone that can show you a thing or two. If you still think you’re ahead of the game, find someone like Tom. No cell phone, no Instagram account, no digital camera, but just a cup of tea and incredible stories. He taught me something very valuable, that is often unlearned in our generation. It’s called slowing down. We tend to sprint from event to project and never sit down and reflect on incredibly valuable experiences. Stop doing, and spend time learning. Spend time thinking. Spend time learning.