Take More Photos | #SuperDuperTipTuesday

Take More Photos | Edition 1

I've gotten lots of great photo questions from you fellow photographers out there over the last few months. So, I've decided to use my infinite well of knowledge to start #SuperDuperTipTuesday.

Billy Collins — former U.S. poet laureate said on NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell me, (my weekly listening ritual) "....we're all born with 200 bad poems in us." If that's true for poems, then it means we're all born with at least 200,000 bad photos.

So, my tip this week is to just keep snapping.

It's okay if some are a bit rough. You're going to take some real bad photos. I'm talking real bad. But use those images as learning experiences instead of moments of defeat. Ask yourself, what could I do to improve this? Experiment, review then repeat.

Some of the best photos I've ever taken are trial number 10.

So take heart, the good ones are coming.